WZLX Craft Beer Experience Tickets Giveaway

WZLX Craft Beer Festival We partnered up with the generous folks over at the 100.7 WZLX who were generous enough to offer up two pairs of tickets to their upcoming WZLX Craft Beer Experience which is to take place on October 9th and 10th out at the Cyclorama in downtown Boston.

The WZLX Craft Beer Experience will feature two sessions where tons of breweries, including local ones will be pouring over 120 different beers. The breweries include such names as Jack’s Abby, Devil’s Purse, Proclamation Ale, Mayflower and many others will be on hand. A few cideries will also be present and the full list can be seen on the event’s website and there’s more than 40 announced!

There are many ways for you to enter, including daily bonuses and all entries must be from participants who are 21+. We will randomly select two winners who will be contacted by email once the contest is over and who will each get two tickets to the session of their choice.

You can enter the giveaway by clicking on the button below or through the special tab over on the Craft Beer Boston page on Facebook.

You can also find out more about the WZLX Craft Beer Experience on the official event website over here and can purchase tickets there. Good luck!

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[UPDATE] Jack’s Abby Brewing Sign Lease, Expanding To New Space

UPDATE:The taproom’s grand opening will be taking place tomorrow, September 30th at their regular hours which are Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 8PM. They will have nearly twenty beers available including some of the Framinghammer variants as well as two of their sours which have been bottled for the first time ever.

The new brewery is located at 100 Clinton Street in Framingham.

Jacks AbbyWe just got word that Jack’s Abby Brewing out in Framingham will be moving to a new, bigger space that will enable them to not only ramp up production, but also better serve their loyal patrons. The new, 67,000 square foot place is located in the Dennison Building downtown and will enable them to expand from their current, 12,000 square foot brewery which has been maxed out for months now.

The new space will see a 5,000 square foot area which will be reserved for a restaurant and the new facility will enable them to install a brand new canning line which is expected to can up to 10,000 beers per hour at it’s peak. Additionally, there will also be more parking, the possibility for the brewer to host various events such as Oktoberfest, and their twenty four beers are also expected to be on tap there.

Speaking of capacity, Jack’s Abby brewed approximately 14,000 barrels of beer this year and are forecasting 20,000 for 2015. In this new facility, they’re looking to brew approximately 50,000 barrels which would make them the state’s second largest brewery behind Harpoon which is quite impressive since they’ve only been around for about four years.

Staying in Framingham is an essential part of their plan and has been since the beginning and their staff is expected to double from twenty to about fifth once the new brewery opens. And once it opens, because of the added capacity, the price of their beers should be expected to drop and many of their beers will also become available in cans, including their top-sellers which are Jabby Brau, Hoponius Union, Smoke & Dagger and Mass Rising. They will still have growler fills for their seasonal and specialty beers.

There’s no official timeline as of right now but their first meetings are expected to occur early in January and they hope to open the new space as early as fall of 2015. In the interim, their current space will remain open to the public until they eventually transition things over.

Stay tuned for more updates next year as things continuet to develop.

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Navigation Brewing To Expands In New Space

Navigation Brewing CompanyLowell’s first and only maritime-themed brewery, Navigation Brewing have announced that they will be moving from their current spot, a 1,200 sq. ft. modest garage bay, and into a new space which will be almost three times bigger.

Construction at the new facility has already begun over in the revitalized Mill Building, and they’re expected to move in and open up to the public in early November. Their new location will have more than 3,000 fq. ft. of space for their taproom as well as a beer garden. They still plan on pouring flights, pints while also selling growlers and bottles, but with the added bonus of now having enough space to host events as well.

The Mill Building, also known as the Western Ave Studios is home to over 300 varying artists and is located at 122 Western Ave, Lowell, MA 01851. And while PJ and Bob still face quite a bit of red tape as the finalize plans for the move, they’re trying to bring in their old equipment and will also most likely be upgrading some of it and they will be operating at their old location through October as well, following their current schedule.

As far as their brewing schedule, it won’t skip a beat and they still are planning on brewing new batches of their pale ale, IPA, Double IPA and Milk Stout. They will also brew some of their ‘Art of Darkness’ series brews which include their double porter, coffee porter, chocolate oatmeal stout and winterwarmer later this year, most likely after the move once the temperatures drop a bit.

Stay tuned for more updates as things fall into place but we definitely look forward to paying them a visit at their new spot once it opens.

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Idle Hands Craft Ales Sign New Lease, Headed to Malden & Enlightenment Ales Update

Idle HandsEarlier this year, Chris Tkach and his wife Grace had announced that Idle Hands Craft Ales would be shutting down their Everett-based brewing operations because of the Steve Wynn Casino projects. Everyone was very upset, their future was uncertain, but they are now excited to let everyone know that they’ve managed to find a new location out in Malden and have signed a new lease to lock it down.

The new location, which is located at 89 Commercial Street, Malden, MA, right next to Kappy’s and just a few hundred yards from the Malden Center T stop on the orange line and commuter rail.

The new location is going to be significantly bigger and they now need to start the process of re-applying for new licences as also need to start moving the equipment over to the new location. Their goal is to hopefully re-open for business in early 2016 and you can read more about this Idle Hands Craft Ales: Blog.

As far as Enlightenment Ales who used to be based out of Idle Hands, we also got word that Ben Howe will not be migrating to the new facility in Malden and has instead decided to move to rural Denmark to join a farmhouse brewery out there as the head brewer. He’s already been there for a few weeks and you can Enlightenment Ales: Blog. Unfortunately this also means the end of the road for Enlightenment Ales.

Stay tuned for more updates on Idle Hands over the course of the next few months as plans come together.

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Night Shift Brewing Announces Taproom Expansion

Night Shift BrewingEverett’s own Night Shift Brewing company is going to be expanding with construction scheduled to start later this month. The expansion which is to take place in the warehouse next door will not impact their present operations or hours and will, once complete, add an additional 2,500 square ft of space for customers to enjoy.

We’re completely filling our current space with customers on a fairly regular basis,” said brewery co-founder Mike O’Mara. “With this expansion, we can add a second bar, more seating, more bathrooms, and the option to host fully private events.

The expansion is slated to be complete late this year or early next year and stay tuned for more updates as always.

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Lamplighter Brewing Finds A Home in Cambridge, Signs a Lease

Lamplighter Brewing CompanyIt is with great excitement that we found out earlier today that Lamplighter Brewing Company has finally found a home in Cambridge! That’s right folks, after two years spent in an exhaustive search for a place to house their brewery, they’ve finally found a location and signed a lease.

The new brewery, which is slated to open in the spring of 2016, will be located at on Broadway, just steps away from the popular craft beer bar Lord Hobo, in a building that previously was held by Metric Systems, a car maintenance shop that had been there since 1977.

Below is a preview of some of the work that they plan on completing to the storefront which includes the addition of some windows, signage and a few other things:

There’s still plenty of challenges that they’ll face as they try to stick to that spring timeline but we look forward to seeing this place open. The ale-centric brewery will be focused on stouts, IPAs and such and hopes to also one day create a sour program as well. You can read more about their updates on their blog and stay tuned for more coverage on here as well.

Lamplighter Brewing company will be located at 284 Broadway, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139.

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Lord Hobo Brewing’s Grand Opening Slated For Tomorrow

Lord Hobo BrewingOfficial as of just a few minutes ago, Woburn-based Lord Hobo Brewing will have their grand opening to the public at noon, tomorrow, after having finally passed their inspection.

Lord Hobo Brewing Company is owned and operated by Daniel Lanighan, who also operates the highly acclaimed, Cambridge craft beer spot Lord Hobo. They recently made their big debut at the American Craft Beer Festival three weeks ago, receiving a lot of mixed reviews from the public.

The big opening’s announcement came on Facebook as head brewer, Vince Tursi, a former Night Shift brewer, posted a status update informing his friends, which stated:


Well, tomorrow is our first day open to the public. Doors are at noon. Two beers in cans/growlers, no Boom Sauce until 7/1. Staff party tonight, baby!
Thank you to all my friends, family, and everyone in the industry for standing by me and putting up with my insanity and all the bullshit while we got to this point. The fight’s not nearly over yet, but the seemingly unlimited amount of support has been crucial to getting us through this. I certainly wouldn’t have made it this far if it weren’t for all the positivity and encouragement. Words truly cannot express the love and appreciation I’ve got for you all. These beers are very tasty and I’m pretty proud to finally release my babies into the world.
Now come get drunk with me. Do it.”

Two beers will be available for both growler fills and in cans, and those are ‘Steal This Can’ and ‘Ball & Biscuit’. Their hours for this weekend are 12PM to 10PM tomorrow and 12PM to 6PM on Sunday.

The brewery is located at 5 Draper Street, Woburn, MA.

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Idle Hands Forced Out of Everett Location, Future Uncertain

Idle HandsIt is with great sadness that Idle Hands Craft Ales founder and owner, Chris Tkach and his wife have announced that the brewery will be closing later this month after they received a notice from the city of Everett earlier this year, in February, due to a displacement by the Everett Wynn Casino project.

The deadline for them to vacate is June 30th and they’ve been looking for a new location for over a year now. And while they remain optimistic, this is obviously a pretty big setback.

Below is the statement which they Idle Hands Craft Ales: Statement, yesterday, regarding this situation:

Everett, Mass., June 16, 2015 – Idle Hands Craft Ales LLC announced formally today the closing of their Everett, Massachusetts brewing facility due to a displacement by the Everett Wynn Casino project. The local craft brewery, recently recognized as one of the top local craft breweries in New England by Boston Magazine is one of several local businesses located at 3 Charlton Street that has been forced to vacate its location by June 30 as a result of the building being razed in favor of a construction access road for the Wynn casino project. The brewery’s future is uncertain as the owners, customers and fans await the fate of the Boston market’s first nanobrewery.

“While we are saddened our need to move is happening this quickly, we also always knew our home on Charlton Street would not be our last. We see this change as a minor setback that just forces us to pursue the next chapter sooner,” shares founder and owner, Chris Tkach. Despite an inevitable move, Tkach and his wife were surprised when they only received 4 months formal notice to vacate in February of this year. Tkach has been searching for a suitable new location for 12 months now. Even if a new commercial lease were signed, moving and resuming brewery operations takes months. Not only does equipment and product need to be relocated, the business also needs to resubmit for both federal and state licensing, a process which could take up to 120 days based on the current federal estimates for license reviews.

The good news is that Idle Hands is in negotiations with a landlord for a new lease close to the Everett location but Tkach will not comment definitively “until the ink is dry”. He indicated that the staff ramped up production the last few months anticipating a period ofbeing “off line”. They have also arranged to tenant brew at former neighbor, Night Shift Brewery until a new facility is operational. Local bars, restaurants and package stores have committed to continue selling the company’s beers though availability will be limited due to lowered production levels. “I’ve personally enjoyed drinking and serving both beers because of the high quality and varied mix of styles they offer. I know my customers will be saddened [by the limited offerings]…but we plan to serve their beer whenever we can get our hands on it during their transition,” comments Max Toste, owner/beer manager of Deep Ellum in Allston.

Stay tuned for more updates as we await news of their finalizing of a new location near their soon-to-be former location.

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Hopsters Expands Dowtown, Introduces Hopsters Alley

HopstersNewton Corner-based Hopsters, a popular spot where people can brew their own craft beers, have a bite to eat and have some beers from both guest taps and Hopsters taps has been growing. Not only are they bottling stores and selling them at various retail outlets, but they’re now also expanding in downtown Boston at the soon-to-open Boston Public Market.

The new stand will be known as Hopsters Alley and will be amongst the many Boston Public Market: Vendors present at the market year-round including all kinds of meat and produce-centric stands as well as miscellaneous, other ones.

Below is the official statement from Hopsters which drills into more details about their expansion:

Hopsters has always been in the business of supporting local brewers and their brands. With that in mind we will be opening Hopsters Alley, a package store focusing on Massachusetts and other New England breweries, in July.

Hopsters Alley will be located in the new Boston Public Market, a 30,000 sq. ft. indoor, local-only, year-round public market located in the Faneuil Hall area. It will be the only market of its kind in the country. Hopsters Alley will sell beer, hard cider, and liquor brewed, fermented, and distilled in New England.

Around Faneuil Hall we were hard pressed to identify any forum that showcased Massachusetts’ craft beers. Hopsters Alley has 1,000 sq. ft. within the market and space for approximately 5,000 single units. Our goal is that Massachusetts brewers see the Alley as a downtown focal-point to showcase their brand and products in an authentic craft environment.

In addition to our space, the public market has a 4,000 sq. ft. test kitchen which will be available for tastings, education, classes, and general beer programming. We also intend to have a sampling bar that will be open during the market hours.

Stay tuned for more updates at the Boston Public Market’s opening nears.

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Jack’s Abby Brewing Presents “Summer of Sours”

Jacks AbbyJack’s Abby Brewing out in Framingham have just announced that they’ve been working on and will be releasing a variety of sour beers which are to feature Lactobacillus, Pediococcus and Brettanomyces.

Each beer will be unique and will be a part of their Sour Barrel Program which started in 2013 and some of the ingredients that these sour beers will feature include nectarines, blueberries, tart cherries and quite a few other ingredients. Below is a preview of what they’re expecting to release over the course of the next few months:

  • Framingham Lager w/Raspberry and Brettanomyces

  • Golden Sour w/ Nectarines
  • Golden Sour w/ Blueberries
  • Framingham Lager w/ Blackberries and Brettanomyces
  • Red Sour Lager w/ Tart Cherries
  • Smoke and Dagger w/ Pumpkins, Ginger and Brettanomyces
  • Cranberry on Leisure Time
  • Dry Hopped Sour

While no dates have been released yet, these will all be released over the course of the summer and with a twist: they’ll be bottled! This was not possible before because of cross-contamination, but they’ve apparently figured it out and are able to do so this time around.

You can read more about the Summer of Sours on their website and can also check out this link if you want to read up on their Sour Barrel Program as well. Stay tuned for updates via our Twitter and Facebook page as well.

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