BeerAdvocate’s Extreme Beer Fest (EBF) Announced

The Alström brothers, creators of BeerAdvocate, have just announced next year’s Extreme Beer Fest (EBF) sessions which are to take place in a new location, The Seaport  World Trade Center. Prior to this new, bigger location, the sold out event took place at the Cyclorama in South Boston.

The three sessions and dates are as follows:

Session A: March 21, 6-9:30PM
Session B: March 22, 1-4:30PM
Session C: March 22: 6-9:30PM

Tickets will run $55 a piece and will go on sale this upcoming Saturday at noon. There will be a limit of 2,250 tickets per session.

No word yet on the lineup for the event but it’s sure to be sold out again and will be a big hit. Dogfish Head does sponsor the event so as of right now, it’s safe to say that they’ll be there. Stay tuned for updates.

More information can be found over here.

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