Boston Beer Company Announces 2013 Utopia Release

Boston Beer Company has just released an announcement in regards to their 2013 Utopia release. Their meticulously crafted, extreme beer has gotten loads of attention before and costing upwards of $200 a bottle, and with fewer than 15,000 brewed, blended and released this year, they’ll be flying off the shelves once more.

This year’s batch is also quite different and was “aged in casks from Buffalo Trace Distillery and eight-year-old Port barrels from Portugal. We then blended it with a touch of our Kosmic Mother Funk ยฎ (KMF), a Belgian-style ale barrel-aged for at least nine months (and up to two years) in Hungarian oak tuns”

For those living in Boston, who can’t shell out the $200 there is hope. At least year’s Extreme Craft Beer festival, they did pour some for everyone and I have high hopes that this could happen again soon at next year’s festival, which would save everyone a lot of money, time and frustration trying to hunt a bottle down.

You can use Sam Adam’s beer locator to find a location near you but keep in mind that this release is prohibited from being sold in 13 states: AL, AK, GA, ID, MI, MT, NH, NC, OH, SC, TN, VT and WA.

Lastly, keep in mind that this isn’t a typical beer. Far from it. It’s not carbonated and will actually keep for a relatively long time even after it’s been opened. That might just be enough to convince your wife that this is a worthy investment.

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