Medusa Brewing Company Coming to Hudson

It looks like Medusa Brewing will be coming to Hudson next summer with both a brewery and a taproom as the three friends finalize their dream after leasing a new space right on Main Street.

Long time friends Keith Antul, Tom Sutter and Keith Sullivan will also be taking full advantage of the new laws in place which enable breweries to not be limited to just pouring 2oz samples and will be accompanying their brewery with a taproom where both their beers and some food will be available. The taproom is planned to sit nearly 100 people and the entire space will be approximately 5,000 square feet.

These three fellows aren’t unfamiliar with the craft beer industry and while Antul has created some brewed winning beers in the past, Sutter is also the co-owner of Worcester’s Arsmby Abbey, one of the best craft beer spots in the country.

More information can be found on their website.

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