Jack’s Abby Announces New Extra Pale Lager: Hopstitution

Framingham-based brewery Jack’s Abby has announced a new beer of theirs which is due to be released in mid-December. The new beer, Hopstitution, will be an extra pale lager and will allow them to cycle through hops as they get them instead of having to worry about acquiring a specific one which can be tricky. For their first batch, they’ll be featuring three new, experimental hops: HBC-344, HBC-291 and HBC-462.

Here’s a copy of their official statement in regards to this upcoming lager:

The hardest part about making new and exciting hoppy beers is sourcing the hops you need. Most hops are bought under contracts which are signed two or three years in advance. If you have a new beer that becomes popular you are often unable to brew anymore of it as there is no source for the hops. We occasionally get opportunities to acquire small quantities of specialty hops that are enough for one batch of beer, but no more.

We have decided to create a new Extra Pale Lager(XPL) that we are calling Hop Swap. The idea is that the base beer will always remain the same but there will be a new batch every 4-8 weeks that will use new hops. This will allow us to feature hops that we would otherwise not be able to make use of.

Our first release of Hopstitution XPL will be released Thursday, December 5th. It will feature three new experimental hops, HBC-344, HBC-291 and HBC-462. These are all new high alpha hop strains that are not yet widely available.

In the meantime you can still enjoy their Kiwi Rising and Lashes Lager which are both available in stores.

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