Night Shift Announces 2 New Beers: Bean Porter & Quad Reserve

Night ShiftThe fine folks from Night Shift Brewing out in Everett have been busy. They’ve been planning their move to a bigger facility which has been an ongoing process for them, but haven’t slowed down on the brewing side of things. Far from it in fact as they’ve announced two new beers for us to all enjoy. The first is their Bean Porter, which is a collaboration they did with Bean Snowboards and which resulted in a bourbon & rye whiskey barrel-fermented porter which has been infused with both vanilla and coffee beans. It tops at 6.5%.

The second is Quad Reserve, a stronger version of their Triple Reserve. It’s a Belgian-style ale fermented with some Shiraz grape must which was then aged to perfection in some red wine oak barrels for 10 months and tops off at 10.1%.

And what better way to celebrate those beers then by having a release party at the brewery? On December 4th from 5-10PM, they’ll be hosting an event and Roxy’s Grilled Cheese will be there as well to make sure that no one goes hungry. Tickets are $10 a pop and more information about the event can be found here.

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