Wormtown Brewery To Expand, Start Canning

Wormtown Brewery logoWorcester-based Wormtown Brewery have just announced that they will be moving to a new location within about six months time and will be taking over a location which previously was an ice-cream shop over at 72 Shrewsbury Street. This is the results of consistent growth over the course of the last three years where they’ve been regularly selling out despite not distributing to the entire state yet. The move will enable them to triple their production capacity and will also enable them to give out tours and do growler fills, something that they aren’t able to do presently.

Furthermore, they will also start canning their beers, something that they’ve done a bit of since October. Considering that 95% of their current sales come from draft beers, canning will play a huge part in their growth strategy over the course of the next couple of years as they continue to expand. They’ve been partnering with Iron Heart Canning, a mobile canning service which will enable them to can up to 400 cases of beer and they’ve announced that their long-term goal will be to try and have six packs available in stores by 2015.

And more good news coming to their fans as they’re scheduling to release their newest beer, an American stout known as MassWhole Stout, which like all of their beers features local ingredients and, in this case, grains from Valley Malt in Hadley and hops from North Star Farms in Northfield. That beer should be arriving any day now and many look forward to yet another one of their creations.

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