Introducing Somerville’s Newest Brewery: Aeronaut Brewing

It looks like the Tyler Street area of Somerville, on the outskirts of Union Square couldn’t get much busier. After recently getting a Brooklyn Boulder rock climbing location and a few co-working spaces, it will now be hosting a 12,000 sq. ft. brewery.

The brewery in question will be known as Aeronaut Brewing and will – hopefully – feature a tap room featuring 20 beers on tap, and they hope to be able to produce 60,000 bottles per batch. The three co-founders, Ben Holmes, Dan Rassi and Ronn Friedlander aren’t complete strangers to brewing as they’ve been operating out of a small house under the name TBD Brewing.

But according to an article about them on, what really separates this brewery from the rest is that they intend on opening up an incubator space, within the brewery, for startups. They will use the rent from those startups to fund the brewery operation and will, in return, take profits from the beers to help invest in those said startups. A symbiotic relationship that is innovative and a first as far as we know.

And while Slumbrew and Pretty Things Ale Beer & Ale Project are headquartered in Somerville, none of the brewing takes place there and this makes Aeronaut Brewing the first brewery in Somerville since the 1880’s. Not much else is known about the project for the time being but we’ll be sure to keep an eye on it on and keep you posted.

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