[UPDATE] Spencer Trapist Ales Hitting the Shelves This Week

UPDATE: We have reached out to various stores in the Boston area and even got word from a distributor directly that the shipments are delayed and won’t be arriving until very early next week. Because Monday is a holiday, our best guess at this point is that they’ll be hitting the shelves on Tuesday. We apologize for misinforming you in regards to this and will keep you posted once they do arrive via our various social media channels – FacebookInstagramTwitter. As far as distribution goes, they are using 5 different ones who are: Burke Distributing, Atlas Distributing, Colonial Wholesale, Commercial Distributing and Merrimack Valley Distributing.

Spencer Trappist St. Joseph’s Abbey out in Spencer, MA is home to America’s first Trappist brewery. We had previously discussed this a little while back with promises to keep you posted on any updates. Well there’s a major one right around the corner as we just learned that their Spencer Trappist Ale is scheduled to hit the shelves of various Boston area stores later this week.

That’s right, after years of work in Belgium doing research and working at other Trappist breweries and later on collaborating with Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project out in Cambridge trying to perfect their techniques and recipes, these hard-working monks have finally reached their goal: releasing a near-session able, balanced, 6.5% A.B.V. ale which is due to be a bit lighter than other dubbels, tripels and quadruples which are produced by the other eight Trappist breweries out there.

Word had it a few weeks ago that their beer was in the kettle so we knew that bottling was just around the corner in their brand new, state of the art and eco-friendly brewery which is over 6,000 square feet in size and made of stainless-steel.

With goals of being self-sufficient through various products they create, like their jams that they’ve been selling for decades now, this newly released beer is sure to give them a boost as well, and any proceeds will either go towards the Abbey itself but also to charitable work as well.

Interested in knowing more about a typical St. Joseph’s Abbey monk’s day at the abbey? Feel free to watch this eleven minute video below and check out their newly launched website as well.

There’s no word yet on exact distribution details or where the beers will hit first but we, expect it to be a Massachusetts-only release at first until they later expand into more territories so keep checking with your local package stores as demand is sure to be sky-high.

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