The Alchemist To Start Regularly Brewing, Canning A Second Beer

Alchemist LogoJohn Kimmich, founder and brewer extraordinaire over at The Alchemist has released a news update on the brewery’s website discussing a few items. Amongst those items are the fact that they are brewing a beer known as Focal Banger, an IPA brewed with both Mosaic and Citra hops. It’s not a new creation of theirs but one that they used to brew back in the day and one who’s recipe has since evolved. This will also be their second canned beer and it will become regularly available alongside their world-famous Heady Topper.

No schedule has been released as to when this will happen however they’ll be canning it very soon, on a trial run and will also be selling it on draft at their Waterbury locations. They will also be focusing on refining the beer’s malt bill and recipe over the course of the foreseeable months, possibly even into the fall so any kind of excitement in regards to this should definitely be contained at least a bit.

Another big item that he confirmed is that him and his wife Jen are indeed looking at various locations for a second brewery. No more information has been released yet in regards to that but we certainly hope that this happens soon. As always stay tuned for more updates in the future.

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