Are You Ready For International Gruit Day?

This upcoming Saturday February 1st will mark International Gruit Day – How will you be celebrating it? Actually, backtrack for a second and ask yourself: What is a Gruit beer?

Gruit or Grut (which means spice in German) and it is an ancient style of European brewing which became extinct due to the Reinheitsgebot (Bavarian Purity Act of 1516), but luckily for us the style was rediscovered, and a few breweries out there have rediscovered and reintroduced this style since.

Some of the spices used include but are not limited to: bog myrtle, yarrow, mugwort, heather, lavender, honeybush and juniper. But dozens more are used.

Now you might be wondering how to celebrate? Well the good news is that here in the Boston area, a few of our local breweries are participating in Gruit Day and will be providing various takes on the style. Those breweries are:

Cambridge Brewing Company – (1 Kendall Square #100, Cambridge, MA 02139)
They will be pouring 3 of their Gruits which are their Heather Ale, Weekapaug Gruit and Hay is for Horses.

Mystic Brewing (174 Williams St, Chelsea, MA 02150)
Mystic Brewing will be pouring 7 different Gruit beers on location from 12-5PM. Those beers are: Eldergold, Calluna, Ventenat, Roselle, Radix, Gruit and Cupressa. Each has a unique blend of spices from cedar and sassafras root to honeybush and lavender. More details on those beers can be found on their website.

If you want more information about International Gruit Day and find out more about the breweries participating, the style and various bits of other info, you can check out the official website over here.

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