A Couple of New Releases Coming From Jack’s Abby Brewing

Jacks AbbyFramingham-based brewery Jack’s Abby Brewing has recently announced that a small amount of a new beer of theirs will be released via bottles and draft on Friday, starting at 3PM: Berliner Braun Lager.

This is their unique take on the classic, sour German style and is a practice run designed to them hone the style for a latter, more traditional Berliner Weiss which is slated to be released this summer. This take on it is much stronger and darker than the usual style, and most of this beer will be headed to bourbon barrels with some tart cherries for aging purposes.

The small amount that is to be released on Friday will be unaged, and while no A.B.V. or quantity has been indicated, this is what seems to be the debut of more sour beers for the brewery despite it not being their first take since they had already released Sour Time Lager a couple of times in the past.

We also overheard that their Sunny Ridge Pilsner will be released on Thursday, first at the brewery and later on at various retail outlets.

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