Wachusett Brewing On One Year Probation After Sting Operation

Wachusett BrewingWestminster-based Wachusett Brewing Company has now been placed on a one year probation after they failed to verify the age of two minors sent to buy a couple of packs of beer.

Liquor Comission Chairman Gary McDonald said that “We’ve been consistent with the first-time offender to give them a year to keep their nose clean.” and the decision was made last Monday.

This occurred during a Hubbardston police-lead sting operation which sent two teenagers to the store, both of whom successfully purchased a six-pack of Larry Imperial IPA. Such operations occur a handful a times per year and they often use police from different communities so no one is recognized in the process. Because this was at the brewery’s store and not the brewery itself, this is only impacting their retail license which is good news, and this is their first offense in the five years that they’ve been in business.

More information about this can be found over at MassLive

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