News Roundup: New Tanks at Wormtown, Jack’s Abby; NSB Sours Program Launches

After a very quite few days as of late we do have some news to report from all over the place.

First off, this one is fresh from Worcester and we have found out that Wormtown Brewing has received a brand new 4BBL brite tank which will be used exclusively towards the conditioning of barrel-aged sours. That’s rigth folks, that’s 168 gallons to be exact and we very much look forward to seeing what they have in stock for us later this year as they continue to expand.

Speaking of tanks, Framingham’s Jack’s Abby Brewing also has had quite the delivery – Not just one though, but four, brand new, 100BBL tanks have been delivered there today. We’re shocked that they still had room to spare in their brewery which was already quite full, but apparently they did.

Here’s a photo of the delivery taken from their Facebook page:

And last but not least, news out of Everett where Night Shift Brewing has launched their Sours Futures program once again. Much like last year, this enables you to purchase and reserve up to 12 bottles of some of their sours which are to be brewed and released in the next twelve months. Each bottle is $12 a pop and a lot more information about it can be found right over here. Available are Ever Weisse, Somer Weisse, Maine Weisse, Cape Codder Weise and this year has a nice little twist with a new option for a Mystery Weisse. No details on the latter but we’ll be on the lookout and keep you posted.

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