Night Shift Releases New Beers, Gives Update On New Location

Night Shift Brewing LogoMassachusett’s busiest brewery, Night Shift Brewing, has announced a new release: Art #21 aka ‘Farmhouse Bramble’, which is a part of their experimental ‘Art Series

This new beer is described as “an experimental dark saison barrel-fermented with fresh blackberries and shiraz grape must. It sips with hints of dark chocolate, ripe berry, tannic oak, black pepper, and a touch of brett“.

It will be released starting tomorrow (Saturday) at noon. There will be a 4 bottles/person and each bottle will cost $15. Only 600 bottles are available, but it will also be available on draft.

But that’s not the only bottle release happening there as they’ve also announced that starting Monday, at 3PM, their popular ‘Ever Weisse‘ will also be released at the brewery. This Berliner Weisse features hints of kiwi, hibiscus and strawberry and there will only be 300 bottles available at $12 a pop and with a 2 bottles/person limit.

These new releases comes just a week after a previous announcement where they released Art #20: El Lechedor. They’ve been very busy and also plan on releasing yet another beer, a meyer lemon and grapefruit zest saison inspired by Art #12 and Art #15. No further details have been shared in regards to that beer expect that it will be bottled and released to their retail partners as well as the brewery.

Lastly, they’ve also shared a brief update in regards to their new location at 87 Santilli Highway in Everett. The new location isn’t quite ready yet, but it looks like they’ll be shooting to move there around early to mid May. The new brewery will be much larger and will have some parking (!) as well. We can’t wait! Expect more news on their move and the new saison soon so stay tuned!

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  • I went on the Boston Brew Tours a few months back and this brewery was one of the options although we were not able to make it there I really wanted to go back and check it out! This new release is exciting. I love trying all types of beers, I prefer the lighter ones but I wouldn’t mind giving this one a go, a dark saison could be a nice switch up.

  • Glad you like NSB! How was the Boston Brew Tour?

  • Boston Brew Tours was awesome very fun and insightful. I learned so much more than I thought I would about beer in the span of a few hours. we visited sam adams, Meadhall in cambridge, Cambridge brewing co, and mystic brewery. I definitely recommend it!

  • Glad to hear you had a good time. Thanks for reading the blog! Cheers!

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