Harpoon’s Citra Victorious Wins Kettle Cup, Joins 100 Barrel Series

HarpoonHave you ever heard of Harpoon‘s annual Kettle Cup? If you haven’t, it’s their annual competition enabling the brewery staff to team up, brew batches of beers and then go head-to-head against one another for a blind tasting at their annual Vermont retreat. This has been going on for a few years now andjust like in the years past, this year’s winner, Citra Victorious, will now be joining their popular 100 Barrel Series for commercial bottling.

Citra Victorious‘ is a grapefruit-infused, dry-hopped pale ale which features both Citra and Cascade hops along with 96 pounds of grapefruit peel. It was brewed by five women, Carolyn Orth, Jessie Cox, Liz Melby, Merrill Allen, and Shannon Cudmore and come in at 5.8% A.B.V. and 45 IBU. Not too bitter but definitely heavy on the citrus. The beer is supposedly already available so keep your eyes peeled for it as it is a limited release.

And just as an added bonus, here’s a video of brewing process which also features more details about the beer in question:

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