Could The Alchemist Be Expanding To Stowe?

Alchemist LogoAccording to Rick Baker, Stowe’s zoning director, it appears that John Kimmich has suggested that a four acre site be home to The Alchemist‘s second brewery.

According to the Burlington Free Press article which first reported on this, they have applied for a construction permit enabling them to build a 14,652-square-foot building which could have a huge impact on their beer production. The 4 acre site who be the host of both a retail outlet as well as a brewing facility, enabling the Alchemist to finally satisfy the high demand for their beer.

In regards to the actual spot, Kimmich stated “We had a list of criteria we needed for our new brewery, probably a list of 10 different items that were critical. Most important were traffic, access to village water and sewer, and plenty of land for growing hops and cherry trees.

And while there’s no actual timeline in place yet for any of this, it appears that, if approved, the site would be use to brew the seasonal beers including Focal Banger and Holy Cow IPA, amongst others. Heady Topper would still be brewed at their original location in Waterbury. They do however hope that they get this location approved and built by Spring of 2015. Stay tuned for more udpates.

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