Shiner Distribution Expands Into Connectictut

ShinerDid you know that Shiner beer has been brewed in Texas since 1909? That’s right folks, the easy drinkin’ Shiner Bock has been available for over a century now in Texas and has gathered quite the following from its legion of loyal fans. It’s even been featured in various songs and a couple of TV shows as well. And while the Spoetzl Brewery has expanded quite a bit since its modest beginnings, the brewery has since become the state’s oldest, independent brewery.

The Spoetzl Brewery brews twelve different beers and over the next few days, a few of those beers will become widely available in Connecticut as part of their newest expansion. After all, Shiner is the country’s fourth largest brewery and while they’re not available in Massachusetts, Vermont or New Hampshire, chances are Connecticut is the first of a series of moves they’ll have to make in order to compete with Yuengling, amongst others. They also also already in Rhode Island by the way so if you’re looking to score some in either state, you can use their Find Shiner page on their site.

There’s no word on which of the twelve will be hitting the shelves or even when, but it is slated to arrive in the next few days supposedly.

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