Introducing Our Newest Content Page: Cideries

CBB social media icon_whiteIn our ongoing effort to cover everything that’s happening in and around Boston relating to craft beer, we’ve been ignoring a growing segment of our demographic: the gluten-free folks. And while the options for gluten-free beers are presently limited, they do like ciders. And we’ve been doing a bit of research as of late and even had a poll in place last night on our Facebook page where it seemed like there would be some demand in regards to cider-related content.

So today we’re proud to introduce our newest page of content: Cideries

Craft cider, much like craft beer, is a rapidly growing segment of the industry and also features a ton of interesting experiments. Wild yeast and hops are now a common ingredient in some ciders and some cideries have even smoked some apples to try and imitate a rauchbier-like style which is also interesting. Various apples have different aromas and flavors and blending them creates vary different results. Somerville-based Bantam Cider even recently opened a cider taproom which features 7 ciders on draft, a place well-worth checking out.

What can you expect going forward? Better coverage of any cider-related happenings in and around Boston. We will also be adding ciders to our weekly ‘What Hit the Shelves’ feature moving forward as well. And as always, feel free to share some feedback with us by contacting us.

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