Is Waltham’s Iconic Watch City Brewing Out of Business?

One of Waltham’s most iconic restaurants and bars, Watch City Brewing is apparently closed for ‘renovations’ and the phone line seems to be disconnected as reported by Wicked Local yesterday.

One of the brewery’s claims to fame, at some point was their bacon beer and they were also the home to Portico Brewing who used their facilities to brew some of their beers. The place had been in business since 1994 but had been known to struggle as of late and capture some of the craft beer audience despite numerous participations of various craft beer events and festivals.

According to the article, one recent employee hasn’t been paid in at least one pay cycle and has yet to be contacted by the employers. As of right now, nothing has been officially confirmed on any of their many social media outlets although none of the posts on there are recent. Stay tuned for updates.

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