Shiner To Expand Into Massachusetts Later This Month

ShinerAfter recently announcing their expansion into Connecticut just under a month ago, it appears that Texas’s very own Shiner is now expanding into Massachusetts. This expansion should be taking place in late July and comes following another big arrival, that of Michigan’s very own New Holland Brewing which took place about two weeks ago. But unlike New Holland, Shiner has an entire century of experience over them since it was founded in 1909.

This means that Grambrinus-owned Shiner will now join the fairly saturated marketplace where it will be going head-to-head with the fairly recently launched Yuengling who arrived in the state in March. However, unlike Yuengling, Shiner is being distributed by Burke Distributing and its VP of Sales, Scott Adams announced that their flagship Shiner Bock alongside a few seasonals will be available at launch as reported by BrewBound.

This expansion is part of a bigger effort to try and expand to Shiner brand into all fifty states by the end of the year and reports have already leaked that they’re looking into Vermont, Hawaii, New Hampshire and Maine next. And they’re getting there since they’re available in nearly 40 states already.

Gambrinus produced more than 645,000 barrels of beer in 2013, about 570,000 of which were Shiner offerings and that number is only expected to go up and they keep expanding.

This arrival now leaves many wondering how they will fare in a crowded marketplace and going against Yuengling who is already very well established due to a very big efforts from L. Knife & Son. This beer will apparently be targeted to BBQ fans and a younger crowd.

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