Waltham’s Watch City Brewing Assets are A Part of History

As we had covered nearly a month ago now Waltham’s iconic Waltham City Brewing closed its doors and pending a sale via auction. This past Wednesday, July 30th saw about 50 curious and eager bidders crowd into the now defunct Watch City Brewing Company at 256 Moody St in Waltham to try to claim in auction the remaining assets of the iconic brewery.

Items up for bid included basic serving utensils to a convection oven which sold for $300. There were even former employees who came and laid claim to both a smoker and a Point of Sale (POS) system. The mother load went to a group who won the bidding on the brewing equipment all inclusive for $ 41,000 – this groups is from Barre, MA. It is unknown if the purchased equipment is going to a new brewing operation or not – the buyer only mentioned they were taking to their farm and will elaborate at a later date.

The iconic “Watch City Brewing Co” clock was also up for bid, but only one person bid in the $250 range and the auctioneer said it was doubtful it would be sold.

A new tenant has been singed to a lease, so the premises was not up for bid. There is speculation that a new brewery will come in, but nothing is confirmed as of yet.

Many supporters and patrons who’ve frequented the establishment during its last 20 years of business were shocked at the sudden closure. The brewery closed its doors in June with an announcement that it needed to repair an AC unit. The owner, Jocelyn Hughes, said earlier in July that she wanted to reopen, but at the time owed more than $120,000 to the state in meal taxes, according to the Department of Revenue.

Several disgruntled former employees, are hoping to finally receive the back pay they are owed now that assets were being liquidated.

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