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Trillium Brewing Announce Fall Beer Release Schedule

Trillium BrewingBoston’s rising star Trillium Brewing have just announced their fall release schedule which features four distinct craft beers which are to be made available to the public starting yesterday. That’s right folks, JC and his crew have been very busy on all fronts, brewing up some pretty amazing stuff including another dry-hopped IPA amongst other things.

Below is the lineup and their release information:

Thursday October 23rd, 4PM: Galaxy Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale
While not exactly new, they’ve replaced Citra hops with Galaxy hopsm once again, and used about 30% more. There is a one case per person limit and in case they run out, another batch will be released on Tuesday October 28th.

Thursday October 23rd, 4PM: Big Sprang
Available for growler fills, this is a second take on their popular Kolsch-style beer known as Sprang which was released earlier this year. They used their remaining inventory of Nelson Sauvin hops in this batch and it will also be hitting some of their nearby draft beer accounts in the next few days as well. (Row 34, Publick House, etc…) Missed it? That’s okay, a second round will land at the brewery on Saturday October 29th.

Sometime in November: Stonington
Stoning is a New England Wild Saison fermented with a native New England mixed microbe culture captured from grape skins from the vineyard where Trillium founders JC and Esther Tetreault were married. It’s also a fitting homage to their union and will be available on draft at Lord Hobo on October 27th starting at 9:30PM once the Lord Hobo Trillium Beer Dinner event is over. They will also be bottling this beer at some point next month for a brewery release. Stay tuned for updates on this one if you can’t make it to Lord Hobo.

Sometime in November: Vicinity
This beer is being brewed as part of Row 34‘s one year anniversary celebration which is to take place next month. This popular establishment is just steps away from Trillium Brewing and frequently has special kegs of beer from the brewery, often with a small twist such as a coffee-infused Pot & Kettle. So in their honor, Trillium will be brewing up Vicinity, which they described as a “beautifully hazy blonde double IPA busting at the seams with citrus oil, dank pine resin and tropical fruit and crisp, dry, bitter finish“. No date has been released for this one either, but it will be available for growler fills at the brewery as well as on draft at Row 34 on release day.

Stay tuned via our various social media outlets for more updates.

Some Updates from Lawson’s Finest Liquids

Sean Lawson of Lawson’s Finest Liquids, out in Vermont, has been a very busy man. One of his beers, Maple Tripple, recently won a silver medal at Colorado’s hugely popular Great American Beer Festival and he has also launched a brand new website. He also collaborated, once again, with the Otter Creek Brewing Company folks to release a second batch of their popular Double Dose IPA which came out a few weeks ago. So it’s only fitting that he keeps things going on a full throttle as he now looks to try and get his Sip of Sunshine beer canned. That’s right folks, Sip of Sunshine will soon be available in 16oz cans! Sean will be travelling to Virginia to the Ball Plant to oversee and approve the initial production and the cans should be available, hopefully, by the end of December.

He will also be taking what he referred to as a “Sabbeerical“, enabling him to focus on a few things such as making improvements to his brewing facility and also enabling him to meet with other brewers to keep working on various collaborations. The two collaborations that are announced are with breweries he’s already collaborated with, and they are, you might have guessed it, with Tree House Brewing as well as Otter Creek Brewing. No major details on the beers have been released as of right now except that the latter of the two collaborations which will be known as “Double or Nothing!” and will be a dark, cellarable beer. It should be available later this winter.

Last but not least, it appears that they will also be collaborating with the folks over at New England Brewing Company out in Connecticut and that beer will be released sometime in the first half of 2015.

So while Sean Lawson and his crew keep busy, it appears that the future ahead if very bright and filled with many delicious beers as always. Fans can look forward to seeing those cans later this year and the improvements to the brewing facilities will only make things better for all as they upgrade their Co2 valves, storage and lighting, amongst other things. Stay tuned for more updates down the road.

More details are available on the Lawson’s Finest Liquids website over here.

Jack’s Abby Announces Barrel-Aged Berliner Lager Release Schedule

Jacks AbbyJack’s Abby Brewing have just announced the upcoming release schedule for three variants of their Berliner Lager. Each variant has been barrel-aged in oak barrels with various types of fruit and all three variants will be released a week apart from one another, starting this upcoming Wednesday starting at noon.

The schedule for these releases look as follows:

  • 10/15: Cranberry BA Berliner Lager
  • 10/22: Cherry BA Berliner Lager
  • 10/29: Plum BA Berliner Lager
  • 11/5: Cranberry, Cherry and Plum Blended Version
  • Each release will be available for both tasters and 32oz growler fills.

    Jack’s Abby Brewing is located at 81 Morton Street, Framingham, MA 01702.

    New Beers from Night Shift Brewing & Jack’s Abby Brewing

    Two of our favorite, local breweries are about to be releasing some new beers this week. Framingham-based Jack’s Abby Brewing will be releasing a new lager wine on Wednesday October 10th at the brewery. This barrel-aged beer is a follow-up to their Baby Maker beer but with a tweaked recipe. Coming in at 13%, Bride Maker was made using special B malt to “give it more color and body as well as notes of caramel, toffee and dark fruits“.

    Bottles of it will be only available at the brewery, at least for now and there will be no limit on how many you can buy. This is a great opportunity for many to stock up as this will cellar well. It is also a fitting tribute to the fact that four members of their staff recently got married. No word on pricing as of yet but people can start buying it at noon when the brewery opens.

    Secondly, a new beer from the ever-so-busy Night Shift Brewing team out in Everett. They will be releasing a beer later today, starting at 3PM at the brewery, known as Darkling.

    This 10.3% A.B.V. imperial stout “coats the palate with rich notes of roasted chocolate and oaked bourbon.” according to a description from the brewers. There will only be 200 bottles of it being released at $20 per bottle and a one bottle per person limit. Expect those to go fast. On the upside, if you’re out there and you miss out, they have plenty of others beers on tap and best of all, Island Creek will be there slinging freshly shucked oysters to the masses.