Trillium Brewing Reopens After Facing Licensing Issues

Trillium Brewing27 Days. 27 days is how long the Boston-area beer fans went without their Trillium Brewing fix after the brewery was shut down by the Boston police department following orders from the state’s Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission. It was due to some oversight and paperwork that was never properly (and formally) processed.

Few updates were shared for a few weeks from JC Tetreault, the owner of Trillium Brewing until he finally posted a message on BeerAdvocate’s forums, on December 10th, to help shed some light on the issues that were at hand:

Our 2014 license renewal application was never processed. Nobody was aware of this fact until recently, the timing of which was unfortunate given the holiday. We’ve provided all documentation and complied with every request. We had a hearing today to approve or disapprove our 2014 license. We haven’t received a decision yet.

The reason we haven’t responded to rumors until now is because we honestly didn’t have all the information up front, and didn’t want to fuel any fires. While the issue is pretty simple, it’s also quite serious. Everything is when dealing with the government. We didn’t feel that the situation could benefit from social media and, to be honest, it’s painful enough to live through not to mention continue talking about it every day we’re closed.

While we’re incredibly appreciative of your desire to help, please don’t contact the ABCC or the City of Boston. We are hopeful and confident that the ABCC will respond fairly and we’ll have a positive outcome as soon as possible. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the support, and we’ll desperately need it WHEN we reopen, but right now we don’t want anything to jeopardize our business, our lives, and the future of Trillium for us and our 10 employees who’ve been out of work for 2 weeks.

We both hope to see you and thank you for your support as soon as we’re able to open our doors. You’ll know the second we do! (Oh, and our website went down because of a massive flow of traffic! Thanks for all of you concerned enough to check in.)
Cheers, Esther & JC

Well the good news is that they’ve been able to work things out with the licensing comission and are now back in business as of about 4:30PM today, and with six different offerings to boot: Mettle DIPA, Fort Point Pale Ale, Melcher Street IPA, Trillium, Wild Sinister Kid and PM Dawn Coffee Stout.

They also have a ton of bottles available including two new beers which are Broken Angel and PM Dawn. Check their Twitter: @TrilliumBrewing for more updates as well.

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