Tree House Brewing Announces Big 2015 Plans Including Expansion, Bottling and More!

Tree House BrewingIn a blog post released yesterday, it appears that Monson, MA-based Tree House Brewing will have big plans in store for us in 2015 including a pretty significant expansion.

First off, they’re adding tanks. How many? They didn’t specify except for the fact that a few 30 and 60 bbl brewhouses have been installed and another 30 bbl one is arriving shortly as well. They’re increasing their brewing capacity by a factor of at least ten. That’s a very significant amount of beer that they’ll be producing.

They also announced that they will be brewing a boatload of Julius. They even said that once they get going, that they “expect to make as much Julius in three weeks – once we get rolling – as we’ve made in the entire three years Tree House has existed“. Julius will also be canned alongside some of their other beers like Eureka, Green, Haze and That’s What She said. They will be available in four-packs of 16oz cans at the retail shop. No dates yet as to when this will happen but this will make the trips to Monson a lot more rewarding.

But wait guys, there’s more! Their bottling line will – hopefully – be running before summer of 2015 enabling them to start bottling some of their other beers including Double Shot and Good Morning alongside each of those beers’ variants.

Last but not least, they will also try to be more aggresive in getting their beers on draft out in bars in Central Massachusetts. They will also be introducing a barrel fermentation program featuring a wild yeast that they’ve been cultivating for over a year now. We can already picture New Glarus-like wild beers with fruits in them and cannnot wait for that program to get started.

So yeah, a lot of good news coming from Monson. We’re very excited and so should you. In the interim they will continue with their current brewery-only growler fills and samples and hopefully will be expanding their hours as well, which is another thing that is in their pipeline. Stay tuned for more updates.

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