Craft Beer Cellar Newton Announces Move, Should Remain In Newton Center

Craft Beer Cellar NewtonCraft Beer Cellar Newton owner Brian Shaw and the rest of his staff have just announced that their store, which is presently located at 1243 Centre Street in Newton will be closing permanently as of Wednesday night. But rest assured, this is only temporary as they are in the process of finalizing some paperwork regarding a location which would mean that they’d be moving only by a few hundred yards and remain in Newton Center.

The new location, which has yet to be 100% confirmed as final, should be slightly smaller and will enable them to focus on a leaner and more efficient operation, providing a better experience for customers. However, while their store will be closed to walk-in shoppers, they will still be taking beer orders for delivery via phone or email via their website.

Below is an excerpt explaining some of the reasons why the store will be moving:

At the heart of it, we picked a difficult first location. While we love our space, it was ultimately too big and too pricey. To ensure a secure future for our world-class Staff Beer Geeks, provide a good value to our loyal and incredibly awesome customers, and forward Craft Beer Cellar’s mission, a change was necessary. We are all saddened by this difficult decision. It is our firm belief that CBC Newton will be able to provide an even better experience for our customers as a result of this transition.

Optimally, we would have had a seamless move from our current to our new location. However, the lengthy licensing, leasing, and approval processes have made it impossible to remain open, in the traditional sense, for a few weeks. It has been a roller coaster, with a prime location falling through at the last minute. Hang with us, it’ll be worth it: Studying for the Certified Ciceroneยฎ exam, moving, construction, and deliveries will be our focus in the interim.

The’ve also announced that they will be running a sale both today and tomorrow where customers will receive 10% off all beer, wine, sake and cider as well as 15% off all glassware. So while they will be closed for retail walk-through sales, their operation will still be available for both home and office deliveries as they target to re-open sometime in February. As always, stay tuned for more updates.

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