Pretty Things Beer And Ale Project Calls It Quits

Pretty Things Beer & Ale ProjectAfter more than seven years in business it appears that Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project will now be coming to an end as confirmed by their official statement released on their site earlier today.

The heartbreaking news came as a shock to many and despite not having an official brewery to call home, the duo of Martha and Dann found success with some of their beers including their flagship Jack D’or.

Below is the official statement they released:

Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project is drawing to a close.

Seven years ago we sold our first glass of beer at The Publick House in Brookline. We didn’t foresee then that our strange project would become such a part of our lives.

It has been a crazy fun time. We’ve dressed up in more costumes than a Bob Hope special. Amazing employees and friends have conspired with us along the way. Bocky, Anya, and John Funke have channeled our project almost better than we have done ourselves. And we found a rag tag group of like-minded creative brewers out there in the world as well.

Brewing our beers has been a great labor and a great joy. But best of all we shared it with so many great beer drinkers. It really feels like we met you all. We’ve stood in shops, bars, restaurants, on stages, in VFW halls. Sometimes you were already fans. Sometimes you spat out our beer. Sometimes you just fancied a chat. We always felt happy to meet you by the end. It was always fun, or funny, or we sold a beer, or learned something. Many of you became friends. We’ve loved drinking beers with you.

We hope our beers brought you joy and brought you closer together. There’s no greater goal for a batch of beer or a project like ours.

After seven years it’s time to draw the curtains and head off to a new adventure. A poorly drawn grain of barley called Jack D’Or made this whole thing possible. He’ll be coming with us.

Their final batches of beers will be hitting the shelves in the next few weeks and in sufficient quantities to last until 2016 at which point we shall simply move on, much like they will.

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