Accessory Review: Snake Bite Keychain Bottle Opener

We recently got a chance to try out one of the many new styles of bottle openers to hit the market, the Snake Bite. What makes the Snake Bite different is it’s built in “fangs” for venting cans. In theory, this is supposed to make for a faster, cleaner pour with less head. In trials with three different cans, I had trouble replicating the same dramatic difference between vented and un-vented shown in the demonstration video on the product’s web site as can be seen below:

I can definitely appreciate the over-all quality of the product, though. It is solidly made, but I wish it was a little bit tighter in the leather holder. I feel like it would slip out in your pocket if attached to a keychain and those teeth are sharp! As such, I think it is better suited for a kitchen drawer than in your pocket attached to a keyring.

– Cool design
– Entirely made in the USA
– Made of high-quality materials
– Feels sturdy for its relatively small size

– Actual usefulness of venting is debatable
– Cost is a bit high
– Slides out from the leather holder too easily

Overall, it’s definitely a neat design, but practically, I wouldn’t buy it for myself. It would be a great, unique gift idea for that special Craft Beer fan in your life, especially one that drinks a lot of canned beer.

Here are a few pictures we snapped of the product:

The Snake Bite comes in a variety of colors and retails online for $22 with free shipping. The leather holder can be customized with logos or initials for an additional fee. It can be found at

— Jslay

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