Hopster’s Eyes Expansion In Fort Point

HopstersWith two locations already under their belt in Newton Corner and near Faneuil Hall, it appears that Hopster’s has found another potential location in Fort Point.

According to Facebook: Hopster’s Hopsters has identified a new 6,000 sq.ft location in the Boston Seaport/Fort Point Channel and will reach an agreement very soon!

Many of our customers have asked us to expand our brewery and brewing concept, bringing our great local craft beers and food to downtown Boston. We believe the Fort Point Channel is a great area and in much need of a Craft Brewery and Restaurant.”

Rumors had previously swirled when Hopster’s had been looking at a spot on Melcher Street nearly two years ago but ended up going to the Boston Public Market instead. With these new plans for Fort Point, it looks like Trillium and Fort Point Market will be getting a new neighbor although the exact location has yet to be made public. It also appears that the area will be getting a Craft Beer Cellar franchise as well, making the area a true craft beer destination, joining both Harpoon and Row 34, as well.

As always, stay tuned for updates!

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