Tap Highlights 5/13/17

Tap Highlights

(Note that this list is accurate based on online tap lists provided by the respective establishment.  You should always call ahead to confirm a particular beer is still available before making a special trip!)

  • Lulu’s (Boston): Fiddlehead Brewing – Fiddlehead (IPA)
  • Lulu’s (Boston): Fiddlehead Brewing – Second Fiddle (DIPA)
  • Lulu’s (Boston): Fiddlehead Brewing – Tejas Marron (Imperial Brown)
  • Lulu’s (Boston): Trillium Brewing – DDH Congress Street (IPA)
  • Lulu’s (Boston): Trillium – Citra Cutting Tiles (IPA)
  • Lulu’s (Boston): Evil Twin – Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow (IPA)
  • Lulu’s (Boston): Lawson’s – Sip (DIPA)
  • Lulu’s (Boston): Lawson’s – SS #2 (IPA)
  • Lulu’s (Boston): MBC – Lunch (IPA)

I was so blown away by what Lulu’s has on tap that I felt the need to give them a special shout out today.  Seriously what a sick tap list!  Feel free to share any highs and lows that you all find!

– Dana

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